Why I feel the BAZZUL dress should be part of every women's wardrobe
September 26, 2015

I seldom have fashion love affairs, but when I do - I'm head over heels! why I feel the BAZZUL dress should be part of every women's wardrobe:

Other than the occasional date night or a girls night out, a hyper-sexy, body-hugging dress was never really my thing. Especially now, with two kids and on the go constantly. I try and find fashion pieces that are versatile from day to night - or in my case - from dropping off the kids at daycare to a business meeting to the grocery store. Although current trends favor a smokey eye and a slinky dress, Iam unable to relate. It's one of those styles that seem great on others, however, not so practical for me. That mindset changed when I discovered BAZZUL. I distinctively remember noticing how most of BAZZUL's dresses were made reversible. I thought to myself "so this is a two for one deal?" a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I needed to examine these dresses up close - regardless of my former "form fitting" dress stereotype. Immediate thoughts- the colors of the carroll dresses were stunning -cerulean blue and dusty rose reversible to black and the Sword & Noriko were fabulous in both black and white. Timeless garments that I actually pictured in my closet for a decade if not more. As for the fit- total comfort. The material hugs the body & magically "smooths out the curves". Your left feeling ultra feminine. BAZZUL was undeniably converting me to a fitted dress lover! The versatility of these dresses solidified my stance. Either paired with a strappy sandal for a vixen look or birkenstocks for a bohemian moment - the BAZZUL dress is multipurpose and can be worn from the office to a cinq à sept & everything in between. Throw on a blazer or a comfy knit & you have yourself a skirt. Need a little black dress for that upcoming event? Turn the Carroll inside out - throw on a statement necklace and your all set! Did I mention they're easy to launder? Felicia Burke, creative director of BAZZUL comprehends what the modern women really needs in her closet- and we thank her for it! Discover BAZZUL FW15 collection -the navy Avion, the red reversible to black Munro and the blue reversible to black Carroll two piece ensemble - Available now.