About Us


"Time is change, transformation, evolution." - I.L. Peretz

Change is a good thing. Even when we feel it's unfamiliar and foreign-it's good. Without it, well...life would be monotonous. We've decided to take that statement seriously, and well...hence- Fashion Foster. We've come a long way since launching PRESTIGE NICHE in 2015 and we've felt the need for a slight revision. We are still die hard fans of Canadian designers in which they happen to inspire us greatly. If it's designed or fabricated in Canada- we encourage and support! That component is instilled passionately within our business. We've even ventured in creating our own designs and received terrific feedback. For that and much more...we thank you. Our audience is our biggest supporter and why we are still here today.

We hope you enjoy Fashion Foster and thank you for welcoming change.